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   This web site is dedicated to exposing any injustice that is occurring in America today. Its' philosophy is based on the fact that it is difficult if not impossible to commit an act of injustice against another human being while the whole world is watching. Injustice that goes unrevealed is allowed to flourish and to continue unabated.

    To accomplish these goals I need your help and it is for this reason I am asking you to submit your story to me via e-mail at . I will include it on this web site with its own page. All I ask is that what you submit to me is the truth including names, places, phone numbers, e-mail addresses and dates. If you have been harmed by anyone and have not received justice in accordance with the law I want to hear your story. If your civil rights have been violated by the criminal justice system I want to hear your story. If news of these events becomes public, the perpetrators will be exposed and the injustice will not be able to continue.

Warning to politicians:    

    This may come as a shock to some of you that feel public opinion is the sole arbiter of Constitutionally Guaranteed Rights, and, if so, then it would be in your best interests to learn your job description. When you ran for Public office, won the election, and took the Oath of Office you promised the voters that you were the best person for the position to see to the needs of the infrastructure. Included in your Oath of Office was a promise to uphold, Protect and Defend the Constitution. At no point is there an exemption that would allow ‘consensus’, or ‘public opinion polls’, or ‘what-ifs’ as an excuse to violate your Oath of Office.

    Now this next part is going to be a real shocker. Legislated law can NEVER supersede Constitutional Law. You knew that going in… or if you didn’t then you lied to the Voter in exchange for their votes. That would be fraud, and everybody knows that you would never lie in exchange for something of value under false pretenses.

    If you choose to write a bill that is in direct conflict with the Constitution, that would be an act of Conspiracy to violate the Constitution and any person that works on the writing of the bill would be a co-conspirator. IF that bill is presented for a vote, each vote in favor would be a deliberate and intentional violation of your oath of Office as well as an act of TREASON against the People, the Constitution, and America as an ideal.

    Since many of you have long careers in public office, complete with Public Records that could be researched for a pattern of criminal acts to undermine the Constitutions of both the State and United States Constitutions over a period of years. Many of you could be looking at life sentences with no chance of parole and the People may not be amenable to supplying a cushy place for you to live out your life. Not many people like being lied to then stabbed in the back by self-serving corrupt politicians. 

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